Volunteer Opportunities

ATD-Orange County is a robust community of learning and development professionals supported primarily by volunteers. Volunteering offers many benefits.

Besides giving you greater visibility in your professional community:
  • it increases and strengthens your network and
  • gives opportunities to develop skills for use back on the job (including leadership and supervisory skills, which are key to career advancement!)
What's more, volunteering is an opportunity to give back to your professional community by helping others as you have been helped in your career - an opportunity to make a positive difference in your field.

Below you will find posts for open positions in ATD-Orange County.  They range from long-term, year commitments, to shorter-term team commitments, to ad-hoc projects.  We invite you to check them out, and learn today what you can do tomorrow!

Finally, if you have an interest on serving in one of these positions (or any position you may have heard of when networking with our teams), please let us know by completing our Volunteer Interest Form, unless another contact is specified in the post.
  • Sun, February 07, 2016 8:06 PM | Kathleen Ashelford (Administrator)

    Interested in a high-visibility role that will expand your project management skills? Join the Professional Development Team as Workshop Manager. Your mission: build on the success of last year's Storyline Workshop with two or more offerings in 2016. You will lead two to three Workshop Coordinators to implement the following:
        •    Workshop Selection:  Receive requests from facilitators interested in conducting workshops from the chapter through our website and other channels; work with the VP of Professional Development to determine which to move forward with.  If desired, the Workshop Manager may actively solicit folks to lead workshops on specific topics as well.
        •    Marketing:  Collaborate with Marketing, Technology, and Workshop Coordinators to ensure courses and workshops are marketed in a timely manner.

    For more information, either fill out a Volunteer Interest form, or contact Gloria Hays, Vice President, Professional Development profdevelopment@atdoc.org

  • Tue, January 05, 2016 8:34 PM | Paul Venderley (Administrator)

    If you're someone who wants to get into writing, explore what's involved in the marketing and communications aspects of talent development, or simply looking for unique opportunities to network with seasoned practitioners in the talent development field, we're eager to chat with you.

    ATD-OC is looking to add to our community's pool of knowledge through the creation of original content. The content would address topics of interest to the talent development community, and would explore the myriad of development opportunities our chapter offers its members.

    You could submit original content based upon your experiences in training, instructional design, or eLearning, or you could select from one of our Community Content Calendar topics. And while we'd be thrilled to list you as a "Chapter Writer," we'll be equally elated if you elect to take on a single article. Either way, you'll find a way to get your unique voice out to a community of talent development professionals.

    To get started, simply complete our Call for Writers interest form, or contact our Social Media Coordinator at SMOC@astdoc.org.

  • Mon, April 20, 2015 7:09 PM | Anonymous

    Search the web for technology information relevant to the mission and vision of the organization.  Communicate findings to the team and prepare to post information agreed upon by the team to the website. 2-3 hours a week for a reasonably experienced professional in industry research and website management.  More hours may be required for someone less experienced.  Familiarizing with the Wild Apricot website will be the initial learning initiative.

    Position reports to the Website Content Manager under the Vice President of Technology.
  • Mon, April 20, 2015 7:07 PM | Anonymous

    Assist the technology team in researching technology solutions helpful to the organization's mission and vision by way of connectivity, communication, process improvement, project tracking and integration.  Provide synthesis of findings to include pricing, security concerns and other pros and cons.  Final information presented should allow leadership to make an informed decision regarding the feasibility of the products researched.  Hours per week may very depending on the current need.  On average expect 2-3 hours a week.

    Position reports to the Website Content Manager under the Vice President of Technology.
  • Mon, April 20, 2015 6:59 PM | Anonymous

    Write and edit marketing content for website, e-News, and other communications. Work with Chapter Administrator, Web Team, subject matter experts, and E-News Specialist. Must have writing experience, be an organized self-starter, and able to gather information from subject matter experts (Programs and Professional Development teams, speakers, and other sources). If interested, please provide writing samples. Estimated time commitment: 8 hrs per month.

  • Mon, April 20, 2015 6:58 PM | Anonymous

    Ensure that weekly e-News and special mailings are sent as scheduled. Work with Chapter Administrator and subject matter experts to develop content and enter into Constant Contact application. Requires strong editing and writing skills, learning to use Constant Contact, and managing e-News schedule. Estimated time commitment: 5 hrs per month.

  • Mon, April 20, 2015 10:58 AM | Anonymous

    Be part of a team that has fun creating an awesome website! Help ensure that ASTD-OC’s website content is relevant, timely, easy to find, and integrates effectively with other chapter communications, including social media, meeting announcements, e-newsletters, and so on. Help develop and implement recommendations to improve the website’s ability to meet the needs of our members, advertisers, and the professional community at large.

    You will work with our website management software, Wild Apricot, which is easy to use and has excellent support through an agreement with ASTD National. Previous experience with Wild Apricot is not required, but some experience with web tools is preferred. Position reports to the Website Content Manager under the Vice President of Technology.

    Primary Duties and Responsibilities

    • Collaborate with three to five other members of the Website Team to plan, develop, and post website content according to schedule.
    • With Website Manager, maintain website processes and procedures.


    • Strong interest in learning and working with web tools; previous experience preferred.
    • Strong writing, editing, and visual communication aptitude.
    • Time commitment/responsibility (approximately 8-10 hours per month).

    The role of Website Team Member will build your knowledge of web tools and
    technologies. You will learn how to create and maintain an effective online
    presence – which is increasingly important as the practice of learning and
    development continues to move online. Also, because an effective website is
    vital to our chapter, being on the Website Team means opportunity for visibility
    and for expanding your professional network.

    Contact Information

    Vice President Technology

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