Chapter Overview

The Association for Talent Development (ATD; and formerly known as American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)) is a national organization dedicated to the professional development of those in the training and organizational development fields.

If you are a talent development professional, you are ATD-OC. Our association is a result of the dedicated professionals involved. It is evolving as rapidly as talent development. If you’re not a member, then we are missing a valuable piece of our organization.

We are dedicated to your career, knowledge, and success. Your involvement is your key to all the organization has to offer.

How ATD OC Serves You

Founded in the late 1960s, ATD-Orange County Chapter (ATD-OC) serves the Orange County and surrounding areas of Southern California. We are dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals, encouraging strong community spirit, shared experiences and best practice tools.  We serve our members by providing a robust environment in which they can network, learn, and develop their careers.

ATD-Orange County is a not-for-profit organization, operated and sustained by our members.  These members have a broad range of experience. Approximately half of our membership are "internal" employees, responsible for the professional development of employees within the company with whom the member is employed.

With a keen eye for today’s changing environment and emergent needs, ATD-OC provides a broad base of personal learning experiences. We model a collaborative approach as we facilitate strong professional ties, embrace new technologies and advocate ATD’s core competencies and values.

ATD-OC: Come for the content. Stay for the community.

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Chapter Offerings

ATD-OC provides opportunities for professional development in small, local venues, and prompt discussions between ATD-OC members and industry experts. We promote training that is cost-effective, creative, interactive, and supported by technology.

  • Monthly Learning Events (MLEs) expose members to new skills or techniques
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together experts in a niche topic
  • The Events Calendar showcases ATD-OC events, and other local events of interest to workplace learning and performance professionals
  • Workshops, Skill Building and Mentoring promote creative training that is relevant, timely, cost-effective, interactive, and builds critical ATD competencies

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Our ATD-OC Vision Statement is to...

Be the space in which to practice and perfect your talent development skills and build your professional network in Orange County.

Our ATD-OC Mission is to...

Empower local professionals to effectively develop talent in the workplace.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics, provides guidance to individuals to be self-managed workplace learning and performance professionals. Clients and employers should expect the highest possible standard of personal integrity, professional competence, sound judgment and discretion. Developed by the profession for the profession, the Code of Ethics is the public declaration of workplace learning and performance professionals' obligations to themselves, their profession, and society.

I strive to:

  • Recognize the rights and dignities of each individual
  • Develop human potential
  • Provide my employer, clients, and learners with the highest level quality education, training, and development
  • Comply with all copyright laws and the laws and regulations governing my position
  • Keep informed of pertinent knowledge and competence in the workplace learning and performance field
  • Maintain confidentiality and integrity in the practice of my profession
  • Support my peers and to avoid conduct which impedes their practicing their profession
  • Conduct myself in an ethical and honest manner
  • Improve the public understanding of workplace learning and performance
  • Fairly and accurately represent my workplace learning and performance credentials, qualifications, experience, and ability
  • Contribute to the continuing growth of the profession

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