Volunteer of the Month

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  • Thu, May 28, 2015 9:02 AM | Denise Ross-Admin (Administrator)

    Don was selected because of his great work and the significant impact he's having on our Total Trainer program and Monthly Learning Events. Among other things, we appreciate his:

    • Can-do go-getter attitude
    • Texas charm :)
    • Contributions to process improvement in the chapter programs and professional development workshops
    • Willingness to jump in and help out
    • Collaborative nature and teamwork approach to everything you do!
  • Tue, April 28, 2015 4:47 PM | Denise Ross-Admin (Administrator)

    Andrea was selected because of her work and the big impact on our Total Trainer program.  Among other things, we appreciate her for:

    • Serving as such an effective “thought leader"--coming up with innovative ideas for enhancing the program, building on the ideas of other teammates, and providing your perspective on things that come up
    • Doing yeoman’s work to design and develop some of the ideas you and the team are coming up with.  For example, creating the testimonial video and designing the night one PowerPoint deck
    • Pitching in as a Facilitator and Assistant Facilitator in addition to all your Project Team responsibilities
    • Jumping in to help so often--sometimes with such short notice--especially given the many commitments of your job and personal life.  Your tireless efforts, together with your upbeat, infectious energy and playfulness make you a joy to work with.  
  • Fri, March 27, 2015 6:33 PM | Susan Schild Ed.D, MM, CKMP (Administrator)

    Our Volunteer of the Month Lorraine Zank, has made significant contributions to our chapter in the following areas: 

    A website team member since May 2013; serving as our Website Manager since 2014; continued support making updates to the Website; creative input for the 2014-2015 brand transition to create a new website/social media banner; and participation in website meetings and contributions to the technology team.

    Lorraine is a versatile, creative instructional designer and performance technologist, who focuses on efficient, effective interventions. She is highly educated having earned MS degrees in Instructional and Performance Technology and Statistics.  She has experience in all aspects of instructional design, including gap, performance, and cause analysis; audience analysis; intervention selection, design, and development; learning assessments; and evaluation. She is a consummate learner continually acquiring new skills and experiences, both technical and non-technical. Check out her work at http://lorrainehpt.wordpress.com/

  • Fri, March 27, 2015 6:17 PM | Susan Schild Ed.D, MM, CKMP (Administrator)
    Anthony Harmetz was selected as February Volunteer Of the Month for his continued and multi-faceted contributions to our Chapter. As a President Emeritus and a member since 2005, Anthony possesses a wealth of knowledge about our Chapter and its members, which he offers willingly as needed. His assistance with Total Trainer University and his advisory support to the newly created offices of Talent Management and Professional Development are but a few examples of his service to our Chapter. Thank you so much! 
  • Sun, November 30, 2014 9:39 PM | Lorraine Zank (Administrator)

    For the last several years, Stephanie has served as Technical Writer-Project Manager, a role for which she received the 2011 Award of Merit. She works closely with Board members to document and manage the policies, procedures, and other process assets by which we govern our Chapter. Early this year, when the Board found itself without a Secretary, Stephanie willingly assumed the role until a new Secretary was elected. Currently, she is developing a library of training videos and on-boarding tools for the incoming Board members and volunteers. Many thanks for your contributions!

  • Thu, October 02, 2014 3:43 PM | Denise Ross-Admin (Administrator)

    Brittney was selected for her service as Chapter Programs and Marketing Liaison, eliciting information from speakers and passing it on to Marketing for web content, eBlasts, and other communications. Her role requires a deft balance between persistence and tact, plus organizational skills, and she has done a great job.

    Last July, Brittney helped President-Elect Jolynn Atkins with organizing our first Summer Social, and is coordinating the Chapter's annual Community Service Project.

    Brittney is an independent training and facilitation consultant. Her experience includes delivering the widely acclaimed “Crucial Conversations” workshops. She will serve as co-facilitator when our Chapter offers “Crucial Conversations” next year.

  • Wed, August 20, 2014 12:16 AM | Lorraine Zank (Administrator)

    Joan was selected for the leadership role she assumed on this year's Total Trainer Project Team. Total Trainer is one of our Chapter's signature professional development offerings, and a major source of its revenue. This year's Total Trainer Project Team faced unusual challenges of time and resources. 

    Joan willingly assumed project management responsibilities as needed; together with her teammates, she put in extra hours to ensure the course started according to plan and within budget. As a result, Total Trainer was filled to capacity, and came to a successful conclusion. Joan is a Training & Development Specialist with Agile-1. Many thanks for your contributions!

  • Tue, July 01, 2014 4:35 PM | Lorraine Zank (Administrator)
    Jamie was selected for the excellent teamwork and project management skill she demonstrated as part of this year’s Total Trainer Project Team. Total Trainer is one of our Chapter's signature professional development offerings. This year's Total Trainer Project Team faced unusual challenges of time and resources. Jamie and her teammates responded by putting in extra hours to ensure the course started according to plan and within budget. As a result, Total Trainer was filled to capacity, and came to a successful conclusion. Jamie is a Learning & Organizational Development Manager at the County of Orange. Many thanks for your contributions!

  • Sun, June 01, 2014 3:05 AM | Lorraine Zank (Administrator)

    Marcia is recognized as Volunteer of the Month for the creativity and project management acumen she has demonstrated as eNews Coordinator for the Chapter Marketing Team. ASTD-OC members rely on “Timely Information,” “Meeting Minder”, and other eNews bulletins to learn about upcoming activities. Marcia stepped into the job on short notice, assumed ownership right away for planning and developing content, and continues to make sure eNews is delivered on deadline. 

    Marcia is a technical communications and training consultant with her own company, Tech Writers Ink, which offers training design and development, policies and procedures documentation, and other communication services. Many thanks for your contributions!

  • Sun, April 27, 2014 6:08 PM | Lorraine Zank (Administrator)
    Justin is recognized for his many contributions on the Chapter Talent Management team. Talent Management is one of ASTD-OC’s newest Board offices, with the mission to recruit, on-board, support, and reward the volunteers so critical to our Chapter’s success. Justin joined the team shortly after its formation early this year. Since then, he has been a thought leader, writer, and project manager, contributing many ideas on how Chapter leaders can help volunteers with their career goals. Justin is passionate about learning and OD, with 11 years combined experience in graduate school, practice, and training delivery. He holds a doctorate in psychology from Alliant University specializing in coaching and needs analysis. Since then, he has developed training programs and workshops for non-profits, health care professionals, and businesses on topics such as conflict management, interpersonal and communication skills, and building work place relationships. Thank you so much for the positive impact you have made!
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